1st at National Cheese Fair, Trujillo 2002

Torta de Barros (Goat)

Goat’s soft cheese made with raw milk.It is a pleasure for the senses. Of strong and intense aroma. Displayed in format 24,5 oz or 25,2 oz 6 pieces per box.


Type: Soft ripened cheese made from raw goat's milk.
Milk: Granadina and Florida goat.
Production area: Villafranca de los Barros. Badajoz, Spain
Curdling: Enzymatic.
Ripening length: At least 60 days.
Texture: Creamy, dotted with shiny holes unequally distributed.
Colour of the paste: shiny white
Flavour: Subtle, with an amalgam of flavour nuances, perfect for sensitive palates. The after-taste is bitter-tasting and gives a pure and delicate goat’s milk flavour.
Aroma: Its aroma evokes us a set of feelings related to our beautiful landscapes, made up of mountains and scrubland dotted with cyst, thyme, heather and bushes.
Rind: Thin et brittle, sometimes the rind presents some cracks through which you can see the paste. Whitish yellow colour. Smooth sides and the perimetral surface keeps the imprint of the maturation cloth.
Storage temperature: It depends on the time elapsed between the purchase and the use of the cheese. Tasting should be done within 30 days to take full advantage of the features of the product. Store between 4º and 8 º C. If the consumption period exceeds 30 days, the product can be frozen and defrosted respecting always the cold-storage process.
Eating temperature: de 18 a 22º C.


Put 5 or 6 pieces of cheese on a plate, sprinkle with Paprika of Vera and marjoram. Bake in microwave for 7 to 12 seconds to reheat the dish without the cheese loses its texture.


Caramelized Chicories flavoured with Torta de Barros

Season with salt and pepper and fry the chicory in olive oil over low heat until it gets a brown shade.Add sugar and caramelize until the chicory becomes fully brown.

Arrange the caramelized chicories on a plate, cover them with a slice of goat’s"Tortas de Barros”. Bake in microwave for 7 to 12 seconds to reheat the dish without the cheese loses its texture.

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