Cream de Barros

Soft cheese made from raw sheep's milk. He has a delicate and very particular flavour. Slightly sour with flood of herb flavours and an elegant bitter aftertaste due to the vegetal rennet. Of strong and intense aroma.


Type: Cream of Torta de Barros.
Composition: Torta de Barros, Penicilliun et extra virgin olive oil.
Production area: Villafranca de los Barros. Badajoz, Spain.
Texture: Unctuous consistency , spattered with penicillium (blue molds)
Colour: Straw colour which tends to increase within the ripening period.
Flavour: Its flavour is pronounced and intense with a persistent spicy sensation.
Aroma: Intense and deep with spicy notes.
Storage temperature: 4-8º C
Eating temperature: 20-24º
Best consumed by: 6 months from the put up for sale.


Ideal for cooking, preparing sauces and to accompany meat or simply spread on crackers.

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