Bronze at World Cheese Awards, 2016
3rd at Salón Lactium, Vic 2011

Semicurado de Barros

Ripened Semi-cured Cheese with a firm and pressed paste, elaborated with raw milk. Intense flavour and well-structured in mouth. Its slightly spicy taste increases with time.


Type: Ripened Semi-cured cheese with a firm and pressed paste, elaborated with raw milk.
Milk: Merino ewe and inbreedings.
Format: 28 oz and 3,3 lb
Production area: Villafranca de los Barros. Badajoz, Spain
Curdling: Enzymatic from animal rennet.
Ripening: The cheese is submitted to ripening during 3 months; then it is vacuum-packed and left to rest in te aging room until its purchase.
Texture: The paste is dense and greasy, dotted with holes unequally distributed.
Colour of the paste: From ivory to waxen yellow.
Flavour: Intense flavor, with floral and vegetal nuances.Very balanced, structured and persistent in the mouth.
Aroma: Deep aroma of sheep’s fresh milk.
Rind: Smooth, hard and yellowish.
Storage temperature: 4-8º C
Eating temperature: 20-24º C
Best consumed by: 24 months from the put up for sale.


Cut the upper crust round, which will serve as a lid, and the ready-to-spread cream appears.


Savour as a starter with a good refined wine from the Land of Barros.

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